All about SKIN1004's Madagascar Centella Line

Say hello to SKIN1004 - the Korean skincare brand powered by the 'healing leaf of life' Centella Asiatica. 

What makes SKIN1004 special?

SKIN1004 is an award-winning natural skincare brand that harvest their signature ingredient Centella from Madagascar. Centella Asiatica is an ingredient that is super popular in Korean skincare and is renowned for its healing and soothing properties. What makes the Centella that SKIN1004 uses so different is that the Centella originates from the untouched nature of Madagascar, one of the world's finest, 100% pure Centella which has increased effectiveness than other types of Centella. 

With the belief that good skincare products begin from high-quality ingredients, SKIN1004 persist is using the finest Madagascan centella leaves to produce the iconic 'Centella Line'.


The first product in the centella line is the SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil which is used in the first step of double cleansing. This light, oil based cleanser gently melts away makeup, impurities, excess sebum and sunscreen. Centella is at the heart of this product as it works to soothe, nourish and strengthen the skin barrier. The mild, plant derived oils remove blackheads and impurities within the pores without irritating the skin. 

The next step of double cleansing is using a water based cleanser like the SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam

A rich, foaming cleanser formulated with SKIN1004's signature ingredient Centella, this cleansing foam has an ideal pH level of 5 to gently yet effectively remove makeup, impurities and any oil residue left on the skin after using cleansing oil. Containing 33% Centella and Soda Powder to purify congested skin, throughly cleansing pollutants and ultra-fine particles without stripping the skin and instead leaving the skin hydrated and soft. 

Replenish your skin's moisture with this toner that is quickly becoming a K-beauty staple. A gentle, exfoliating toner that can be used daily for a clarified and more even-toned complexion. This Madagascar Centella Toning Toner contains PHA (Gluconolactone) to exfoliate and gently remove dead skin cells and excess sebum without irritating the skin. With the addition of Centella which provides anti-inflammatory properties helping to calm, repair and strengthen the skin. Suitable for all skin types and is ideal for acne-prone and sensitive skin. 

If you're a fan of toner pads then this SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Quick Calming Pad is definitely worth trying out! 

70 ultra-thin, rich, pre-soaked toner pads that work to soothe, hydrate and calm any redness and irritation. Featuring calming Centella Asiatica, Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid to restore and plump the skin while strengthening the skin barrier. These SKIN1004 toner pads can be used as a quick redness fix, a sheet mask or as a daily toner.

The popular SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule has gone absolutely viral and for good reason!

Replenishing, soothing and softening, this ampoule contains 100% Centella extracts to offer intense hydration while working to balance sebum levels, reducing acne, dry patches, skin irritation and prevents signs of ageing. This innovative formulation and high, pure extract concentration leaves the skin rejuvenated and supple all day long.

This ampoule is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin.

If you're on the hunt for a lightweight, mineral sunscreen you definitely need to try the Madagascar Centella Air-Fit Suncream Light SPF30 PA++++ non-nano physical sunscreen that blocks UV rays while simultaneously brightening the skin.

Enriched with the same iconic ingredient Centella Asiatica, Niacinamide and Asiaticoside, it provides anti-inflammatory properties, regulates excess sebum and promotes anti-wrinkle and antibacterial effects. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive. 

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